A starting point for thinking

Hi, I’m Mike.

You’ve stumbled into my workspace. Welcome!

This is where I think. It’s a bit unusual of a space and it’s not like most sites. Rooted in networked thought, these notes are written for myself and are highly interwoven to facilitate the connection of seemingly disparate ideas with one another. It’s an experiment in service of exploring new ways of thinking. By improving the way I refine, articulate, and share my ideas, I get better at thinking. Since I think for a living, it’s important to keep my mind in shape.

I believe writing is thinking. This is a system that helps me do both. It’s not a writing system, it’s a thinking system whose byproduct is writing.

The best way to explore is just to jump in. I’d recommend starting with What has my attention now. I maintain my web of thinking to help me develop ideas through spaced repetition and networked thought.

Whatever thoughts you capture and ideas you spark, you’re encouraged to share them with me! I check email and twitter on occasion, and you can always visit my main personal site to explore my essays, projects, newsletter and more.

I made this site to encourage dialogue. Your thoughts here👇 or on Twitter are encouraged!

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