Alfred is for automation and central control

This note is part of a small series highlighting my digital ecosystem.

Always automate what you can. It frees up your time so your mind can focus on what matters.

Text expansion

##B = Backlinks for Bear
$wb = Whereby URL
$z = Zoom URL
$u = Uberconference URL
shrug = ¯_(ツ)_/¯
/r = review:
/e = email:
/w = write:

Alfred workflow commands

bs = Bear search [source]
bn = Bear note
bs # = Bear search tags
bs @ = Bear search today, untagged, files, etc

ens = Evernote note search [source]
ent = Evernote note title search
enn = Evernote new note

d = Search DuckDuckGo [source]

th = Things commands [source]

idt = I Done This entries [source]

dnd = Toggle Do Not Disturb [source]

cur = Currency exchange [source]

lc [URL] = Link clean (remove UTM, etc) [source]

tgl = Operate Toggl timers [source]

uss = Unicode symbol search [source]

airpods = Quickly connect/disconnect AirPods [source]

dark / light = Toggle dark/light mode in MacOS [source]

spotify = Control Spotify [source]

giphy = Search giphy [source]

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