Alfred is for automation and central control

Always automate what you can. It frees up your time so your mind can focus on what matters most.

This note is part of a small series highlighting my digital ecosystem.

This note exists because it’s so easy to forget such tiny details about our digital lives. I hack together so many systems but fail to document anything.

In effort to build out documentation for my digital life I’ve started making note of all the little customizations and personalizations I make now and then.

Like everything, this is a giant experiment that might end up as a giant waste of time. We shall see…

Text expansion

After years of using Alfred for all these, 2021 led to me moving all these expansions to iCloud via keyboard settings. This enables all expansions to work on all devices, which has been pretty great. I’m really hoping to build out more of these.

shrug = ¯_(ツ)_/¯
.r = review:
.e = email:
.w = write:
.tp = # to-process
.li =
.tw =
.mt =
.trm =
$wb = Whereby URL
$z = Zoom URL
$u = Uberconference URL
##B = Backlinks for Bear

Alfred workflow commands

Aside from all the custom commands below, I also rely on Alfred for searching my device, the internet, and until recently, all my notes. I’ll need to better integrate it with my digital ecosystem now that’s it’s wrapping up its recent evolution.

bs = Bear search [source]
bn = Bear note
bs # = Bear search tags
bs @ = Bear search today, untagged, files, etc

ens = Evernote note search [source]
ent = Evernote note title search
enn = Evernote new note

d = Search DuckDuckGo [source]

th = Things commands [source]

idt = I Done This entries [source]

dnd = Toggle Do Not Disturb [source]

cur = Currency exchange [source]

lc [URL] = Link clean (remove UTM, etc) [source]

tgl = Operate Toggl timers [source]

uss = Unicode symbol search [source]

airpods = Quickly connect/disconnect AirPods [source]

dark / light = Toggle dark/light mode in MacOS [source]

spotify = Control Spotify [source]

giphy = Search giphy [source]

cs = Search Craft [source]

cdo = Craft Daily Note [source]

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