Digital Mind Garden

A digital garden is a place to plant, tend, and grow ideas—publicly

  • Bidirectional linking required
  • Somewhere between raw notes and polished essay
  • A system of networked thought
  • Capture, link, and remix ideas
  • A source of inspiration more effective than a spark file
  • Thinking out loud and in public
  • Collaborative and inviting

Learning in public builds connection because public notes build authority and trust. Every time you tend to an idea you create an opportunity to share original work with others.

Similarly, tending to digital gardens helps make sure you always have something write about, are always able to explore your curiosities, and frequently have the opportunity to follow your interests wherever they may lead.

This is true because Finding topics to write about is most effective when a body of notes already exists and all we have to do is look at where there is density of notes.

Inspiration and Examples of Digital Gardens

Ness Labs — You and your mind garden
Anne-Laure Le Cunff — Mental Nodes
Tom Critchlow — Digital Gardens
Andy Matuschak — About these notes
Maggie Appleton — Nerding hard on digital gardens

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