Evernote is for long-term storage

This note is part of a small series highlighting my digital ecosystem.

Evernote is where everything is stored for long-term archival purposes.

The content in Evernote is interacted with less frequently, but is housed in a trustworthy place. It’s a great place to store things that need to be recalled on occasion but aren’t interacted with regularly.

It’s full of the stuff that’s important to keep but gets in the way if left out among the everyday items.

  • Clippings of web pages
  • Reference emails
  • Recipes and lists
  • Highlights of books and articles (in addition to Readwise + Roam; artifacts from earlier versions of this system)
  • Receipts and random documents
  • Progressive summarization of books, notes, and ideas (most likely transitioning this to Roam)

For a while Evernote was my go to, but then I started exploring and found better, more purpose-built tools. As an example: Why I like Roam over Bear for improving my thinking.

Similarly, Tools for managing information overload and improving how we think are on the rise. Evernote, while they’ve done a decent job keeping up with features and UX improvements, has been lept-over by the likes of Roam, Notion, and others. Thus for the time being, it’s become trusty ole data storage alongside iCloud for files and directories.

Related: automate what you can using Alfred, which enables me to quickly search through notes without having to open Evernote.

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