My new system design

Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a fascination with systems, networks, and automation. When I was in my 10’s I bought all the hardware and software I could afford and spent my time putting them together in ways that would solve whatever problem I was facing at that time.

Fast forward to present day and I’m still a systems nerd perpetually iterating on my personal systems for writing, working, and managing digital data.

Somehow I ended up stumbling upon a community of folks passionate about building their own personal wikis, productivity systems, and digital gardens. Immediately I was hooked.

After much experimentation and exploration of new tools, I’ve improved my system tremendously without adding any new tools!

OK ok, I added one. But that’s because it’s an incredible tool with so much impact and potential I just had to give them my money. It’s called Readwise and I’ll write more about it in the future.

Here’s what I’m working with right now

While a big part of this system is to facilitate writing, it’s important to remember that It’s not a writing system, it’s a thinking system whose byproduct is writing.

Every one of those can be linked to from any other of those.

How amazing would it be to see all the multidirectional links across apps?

Each app serves a discrete and distinguishing purpose within the flow.

Bidirectional links between apps would greatly improve interoperability of concepts and ideas

I made this site to encourage dialogue. Your thoughts here👇 or on Twitter are encouraged!

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