I am looking for new and meaningful projects

If you’re working on tough and important problems that actually create positive change for people and communities, I would love to talk with you.

After some decent exploration I’ve learned my desire is to focus on specific areas within climate solutions. To learn more about my climate-specific search, I’ve put this note together.

While I’m mostly searching for ways to shift my full-time work to focus on climate and sustainability solutions, I’m also holding a portion of my operating capacity available for important, meaningful projects that would benefit from my expertise. With this time I’d like to focus on projects connected to:

  • Food waste, systems, and accessibility
  • Local community, co-ops, and equitable business models
  • Racial, economic, and social justice
  • Modernizing government (local or federal)
  • Improving Philadelphia’s public education
  • Tech and internet ethics

I want to make our important systems more equitable, accessible, and intuitive, and I want to do so alongside others.

I’m not sure where to start finding these projects, so I’m turning to the place I know best—the internet—to see if you or someone you know know might be open to connecting in context of my work.

Over my career I’ve done many different types of work, but the common thread has been helping people and organizations improve experiences, systems, and operations in ways that help them deliver better work. You can learn more about me and my work on my personal site. I appreciate any and all of your support!

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