Hi, I'm Mike! 👋

Welcome to The Refined Mind, which is the fancy name I gave to this boring website.

This is my tiny plot on the internet where I share ideas in progress. It’s my public workspace and an experiment in what’s known as digital gardening.

I believe writing is thinking, so these notes are written for myself to aid my thinking, learning, and creating.

This site is a diverse ecosystem of interlinked notes all evolving at different rates. Most of the notes fall within these themes and some of the concepts and words might be incorrect. Fortunately, that’s what this whole site is about: evolving my thinking by challenging existing beliefs, assumptions, and mental models. Please feel free to do the same, either in the comments sections or on Twitter.

The best way to get started exploring is to look at the changelog of recent updates and additions. You could also check out what has my attention now. Feel free to click any link that catches your curiosity, as each provides a choose-your-own-adventure-style pathway into my web of thinking.

Have something to say? I check email and twitter occasionally. Still curious? My main site has essays, projects, a newsletter and more.