In the end, it doesn’t really matter who we are

You’re beautiful because you’re you.

Made up of interests, passions, questions, hobbies, desires, beliefs, values and more, you’re a beautiful human being with a complex mind, body, and soul.

So often we think to ourselves we must define and label. Whether jobs and careers, hobbies and projects, or simply life choices, we’re quick to place them into buckets and apply a label or two, because as humans, that helps us make sense of them. It especially helps when it comes time to share them with others, as it allows us to speed up association and recognition when we spread our ideas and reasonings.

Yet in actuality, we don’t need to choose between the passions, interests, and values we have. We can hold them all, and let them envelop us whenever the time is right. In fact, that’s what makes us beautiful.

There’s no need for us as people to have to choose between two interests of ours; there’s beauty to be discovered at the nexus of all the things that make us tick.

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