objectives of my pkm

Tools, Notes, and Sanity

#on/PKM is what I use to build a body of knowledge

With so many tools available, I’ve realized that the writing experience of an app is not as much of a priority as I initially thought, when it comes to how I’m now approaching personal knowledge management. There are plenty of apps that make writing beautiful, intuitive, and feature-rich. Instead, I’m after the ability to organize, recall, discover, and work with information in the best ways possible.

It’s this realization that guides my current choices for digital tooling.

My PKM Objectives: Here’s what I want to achieve with my PKM

  • I want to build knowledge in my life
    • Notes from intentional research and internet rabbit holes
    • Lists I continuously add to over time
    • Highlights and links from resources I discover
      • Readwise to Notion
      • Command to Notion
      • Inbox to Notion
  • I want to build ideas by capturing, writing, connecting, revisiting and sharing
    • Digital garden
    • Spark file
    • Essays
  • I want to easily recall important information, noteworthy discoveries, bookmarked resources
    • Highlights
    • Internet Discoveries and Bookmarks
    • Receipts and Product Information
    • Recipes and Meal Plans
    • changelog-mac
  • I want a single source of the truth for note taking
    • Career notes
    • Personal notes
  • I want to manage the operations and administration of my life, family, and household
    • Home improvement project management
    • Household and emergency supplies management
    • Trip and travel planning
    • Household financials
    • Vegetable gardens
    • Alignmen
    • t around philosophy and approach to parenting

To further inform how I design my system, I’ve written down how I use digital tools, to help make sure I’m meeting my needs intentionally, and not letting things slip through.

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