stack the bricks


Full credit for this concept goes to Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman of Stacking The Bricks. That phrase alone inspires me to go make things, one at a time.

It takes time to build a fortress. It takes time to create an ecosystem. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say.

Stacking the bricks is a metaphor for laying one piece of work down at a time, and over time, watching them compound and build a body of work.

Create one brick and lay it down.

Focus on learning everything you can while making that brick. Make it a good brick, but trust that it won’t be your finest brick. The best is yet to come if you keep at it.

With every brick comes new lessons to guide future brick making. Each brick aims to improve upon the ones before it, though sometimes mistakes happen.

Over time, after laying one brick after another, you will have built a wall. And then a room. And then a house. And perhaps you’ll continue building until you’re satisfied with what you’ve built, and then realize that in order to build your great structure, you had to stack one brick at a time, brick by brick.

It’s really the only way to get from zero to something meaningful.

One step at a time.

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