web of thinking

Your web of thinking is your digital collection of notes linked together in a Wikipedia-like environment that holds your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge documented over time. This site is my digital garden, which is one way I present my web of thinking to the public.

Showing people what you think about, how you evolve your ideas, and how they all connect with one another is a great way to build a body of work.

Thinking isn’t linear and neither is your body of work.

As creative and knowledge workers we often accumulate notes and ideas that exist alone by themselves, which is a disservice to ourselves as creativity comes when we make connections between ideas and concepts. This is what has led me to my digital ecosystem, and the reason behind why I’m now Tinkering with Roam Research. It’s also what is pushing me to explore Why I like Roam over Bear for improving my thinking.

Tools for managing information overload and improving how we think are on the rise. public notes build authority and trust while also showing how your ideas connect together. This forms a web of thinking that can be explored from virtually any entry point—perhaps as zoom-in-zoom-out thinking.

When there’s a critical mass of Evergreen notes, it’s likely that no two readers will take the same path through your thoughts and ideas, which means you’ll be giving everyone an experience unique to them while simultaneously offering up the ideas you find most intriguing and worthy of exploring.

Every time you tend to an idea you create an opportunity to share original work with others and expand your web of thinking.

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