Finding topics to write about is easier when a body of notes already exists upon which ideas can grow

Sitting down with a “what should I wrote about now?” approach often leads nowhere.

Instead, read new materials and make note of your thoughts. Write about the concepts you’re interested in and put those in your note-taking system as Evergreen notes.

When you sit down to write you could, for clusters of notes and build upon your past thoughts in ways that help you refine ideas over time.

Getting something that is already written into another written piece is incomparably easier than assembling everything in your mind and then trying to retrieve it from there.” —Sönke Ahrens

Regularly revisit How I take smart notes. That’s your starting point for exploring, improving, and writing your ideas.

Tending to a digital garden can help you always have something to write about. Additionally, Every time you tend to an idea you create an opportunity to share original work with others.

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