Every time you tend to an idea you create an opportunity to share original work with others

Sharing original works in public can help ideas, products, and creations spread far and wide. Thanks to the internet’s distribution opportunities we live in a global economy where people make livings building audiences with whom to share their work. That only works, however, if you regularly have something of value to share.

Enter the digital garden.

Tending to your ideas on a regular basis and sharing them publicly can be incredibly powerful as it provides near-endless opportunities to put your work out there for others to see, experience, and respond to. Regularly tending to your ideas helps make sure you always have something to write about, which means you’re always advancing your thinking and refining your ideas. Hence the name of this site, The Refined Mind.

Instead of always searching for something to write about or something to have an opinion on you are simply able to explore your curiosities, follow your interests, and consistently develop ideas worth sharing. Then, you can Share ideas before they’re ready and receive feedback to help you refine ideas over time.

For those of us who identify as knowledge workers this presents a golden opportunity. If your skills and talents are in the way you think, and you give people a reason to hire you for your thinking, you create a market for yourself. After all, A knowledge worker’s toolkit needs to be well-rounded.

By regularly sharing what has your attention and how you think about things, you create a portal into your worldview—a portal that can captivate people and draw them into your work and your web of thinking. This is why I’ve been Tinkering with Roam Research. It helps me extract knowledge from what I read, capture knowledge from my own mind, and connect ideas as they collide with one another.

Showcase your thinking and opportunity will find you.

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