The Great Reset

This note was written in April 2020 and first published in July 2020. At various points in time it might feel outdated or irrelevant, but I like the concepts so I’m keeping the note. UPDATED: Nov 20, 2020

With a global pandemic upon us, many of us have been presented with the opportunity to reset and start fresh. To become a new you—to be the person you want to be, old you be damned.

Everything you once thought you knew has been changed. In fact, this pandemic is exposing all the unjust systems and broken institutions that exist in America. As we’ve moved through the murders of many Black citizens, and the threats on our democracy from the current American government, the unjust and racist systems continue to be exposed largely due to the fact that the pandemic is disproportionately affecting BIPOC.

We have barely begun to see the effects of the fallout from this pandemic as we haven’t even made it through the pandemic yet.

That said, the world as we knew it is done. Gone. Finished.

Every single person will feel this whether as a lack of access to their preferred products or loss of income or life. The effects are being felt and for many people they are devastating.

When everything is thrown out of whack, what used to be weird and absurd suddenly becomes just another thing happening in this wild and crazy world.

As the world and our culture experiences a massive shift in norms, some of us are fortunate to be able to let go of what’s holding us down and move forward towards the reality we truly want to live in.

Many offs have been given the opportunity to reevaluate what we value and prioritize in life—which also presents the opportunity to get out there and make changes.

Combined with the uprising of Black Lives Matter and the pushback against police brutality, corrupt government institutions, and broken social welfare systems, we’re each being presented with the opportunity to recalibrate our interests, passions, and efforts to be more in line with who we want to be and what work we want to do.

Personally I know I want to find ways to apply my skills and talents to more meaningful and impactful problems like racial, social, and climate justice. I still am figuring out how and where I will be of best service, but having been presented with the opportunity for to advance my life and career, I’m going to seize it and make sure this moment doesn’t go to waste.

How will you approach this moment in history?

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