We have barely begun to see the effects of the fallout from this pandemic

Good and bad.

The forced progress and adaptation; people who never considered such a large scale event with dramatic consequences suddenly being forced to change their entire way of doing things—it’s a whole new world and we’re just scratching the surface of it.

There are so many stories to tell of people adapting themselves and their businesses to rapidly meet the needs of this new world we’re living through.

Most popular commentary reads very short-sighted on the ramifications of this pandemic, but there are tectonic shifts happening that will, sooner or later, force structural and systemic changes to occur.

the fact that doomscrolling was one of the main terms invented last year shows that people are really struggling when it comes to their relationship with the internet.

Look forward, not backward. Learn from history but keep your vision towards the future. Changes are happening before our eyes, many of which we know—but just like the pandemic, there will be consequences good and bad that never could have been predicted by the masses.

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