The land of the free is such a lie


We are—and have always been—a country of corrupt, self-serving, and racist marketers who promote values and ideologies of unity and freedom while doing everything possible to oppress and enslave the vulnerable Black communities this country’s leadership created in the first place.

Growing up I never knew this, as I was fed the American Dream, even in my school system that was incredibly diverse both in student and teacher demographics. We were taught the white man’s version of American history, however nobody stopped to explain what was actually was going on—that our country was founded with the vision of wealthy white people having new lands to work their slaves on while raking in profit for themselves.

The history was written down from the perspective of wealthy white plantation owners, which offered no regard for the lives or plight of their slaves.

That’s why Black Lives Matter is such a powerful movement: it exposes the truth to those of us who grew up in the racist system that was designed to perpetuate lies and oppression.

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It’s one of the foundations for the division and ignorance tearing at America today — the white history curriculum masquerading as American history — no matter how well-meaning, woke or supportive we think we are.


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