The future is not American-led

A large majority of the world speaks their native language and at least English as another language, frequently more. Most Americans speak only English.

America as a country has lagged behind the world once we started investing so heavily in the military and police. Is that true?

Whatever the catalyst was, this country’s leadership has done a terrible job taking care of the people of their nation. It’s an incredibly corrupt country full of greed, selfishness, and gluttony.

We wanted to be the leaders of the free world but we were enslaving our people the whole time with various forms of oppression. America has done a terrible job taking care of its citizens.

The future is not American-led.

We need to liberate our people.

Black people deserve to live freely without fearing for their lives.

All BIPOC deserve the same freedom from fear of death that we as white people experience often without even thinking about it.

The land of the free is such a lie.

Black Lives Matter.

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