A starting point for thinking

Hi, I’m Mike.

You’ve stumbled into my public workspace. It’s a bit unusual and unlike most sites.

This is where I share my thinking, though these notes are written for myself. I believe Writing is thinking, and this is my attempt to write and think in public.

It’s a perpetual work in progress and evolves along with my ideas, most of which fall within these Writing themes. Ideas and words on this site might be wrong, but that’s kind of the point—to challenge existing beliefs in ways that result in growth as a person. In time, I’ll learn. If you can help me get there faster, please comment or write me a letter anytime.

Feel free to explore What has my attention now, my web of thinking, or any of the links that catch your curiosity.

Have something to say? I check email and twitter occasionally. Still curious? My main site has essays, projects, a newsletter and more.

I made this site to encourage dialogue. Your thoughts here👇 or on Twitter are encouraged!

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