automate what you can

We have the tools available to free our minds of repetitive tasks by automating them, so we might as well enjoy the benefits of technological innovation.

For example, by connecting Alfred and Bear, I can search across all my notes from any screen. Alfred is for automation and central control. Bear is for networked thinking.

With this setup I can open Alfred with ⌘⇧␣ and create a new note in Bear by typing bn and hitting enter. From there I’m in Bear, hit enter again and type ##B . That transforms into markdown which sets up two line breaks, a horizontal line, an H2 header “Backlinks,” and the opening brackets [[ for a wiki link. Then I type where I came from, close the brackets, and cursor up to continue my thought.

## Metadata
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### Backlinks

Automating frees the mind and helps us move towards a Mind like water state.

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