Bear is for networked thinking

I haven’t used Bear in over 2 years

Do not think of Bear as a note taking app. It is so much more.

Bear is where thoughts and ideas are more refined and it would be acceptable to never touch again but still retain a completed concept. Bear is where thinking over time happens.

Bear is the place where a few keystrokes can turn into unimaginable opportunities. It is an enabler of free flow thinking without constraints and limitations. It’s flexible enough for all notes to be linked to one another and connected via tags, yet structured enough that exploring those tags is manageable.

Networked thinking is a much better representation of how the mind actually works than linear thinking. In fact, it is such an intriguing concept that lately I’ve been thinking about Why I like Roam over Bear for improving my thinking.

Improve your writing is thinking workflow by using a text expander to automate what you can.

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