my crypto journey

I traded bitcoin back in 2013, sold everything for profit, and now we’re here 😭

Been watching crypto since then and started filling some bags in 2019.

I’ve joined the latest NFT surge in October 2021 and am trying to figure out what’s going on while also wanting to learn more about DAOs and ways of coordinating people.

I wrote about Bitcoin energy usage a while back and hope to document my web3 explorations and learnings as I go but the space moves so fast. Hopefully I’ll fill The Refined Mind with more web3 and crypto thinking, as it’s a fascinating moment in history of both humans and technology.

As of December, I’ve been gathering and sorting resources via this note — it’s my workspace for collecting and processing links and resources along my crypto journey. Until I create knowledge on The Refined Mind, this note will be your best resource to learn what I’m learning about web3.

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