reduce single-use plastic

Plastic is EVERYWHERE. Clothes, cleaning products, food etc.

Some things I do to reduce single-use plastic in my life:

  • Reusable bags—ALWAYS
  • Carry a reusable water bottle everywhere
  • Carry reusable silverware, too
  • Don’t put produce in plastic bags, just wash it at home
  • Shop bulk grocery with reusable containers
    • Bulk doesn’t mean extra-large product sizes, it means no consumer packaging at all
    • Spices, coffee and tea, pasta, granola, flour, chocolate, beans, grains—so much can be found in bulk when you look for bulk grocery stores
  • Reduce and limit take out and delivery meals
  • Skip to-go coffees unless it can be in a refillable container (damn you, pandemic)

🚧 ⚠️ Rough Terrain Ahead ⚠️ 🚧

🛑 What’s this? ✍️ This whole note is a work in progress, but the below part is really rough. So why’s it here? Share ideas before they’re ready.

While we try to prevent un-recyclable materials from entering our house to begin with, it’s nearly impossible to do, so we spend a lot of effort working to reduce what we do use. For almost all plastics, and many other materials, we pay a local business to take buckets and tubs of our un-recyclable waste and give/sell it to people and businesses who actually want it.

I look at it as a tax on the convenience of single-use items like food bars, frozen food, to-go iced coffees, and medication containers, in addition to being an excellent way to care for the un-recyclable materials that so frequently make it into our home.

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