Share ideas before they’re ready

Sharing ideas before they’re ready helps strengthen the core of an idea by creating opportunities for people to challenge assumptions, provide different perspectives, and shift thinking.

Often we have ideas and then sit on them for a long time, telling ourselves “it’s not ready yet.” This leads to us never publishing ideas, which is basically the same as never really having the idea at all.

Quick feedback loops enable iteration and refinement, which result in better ideas. Ideas improve by writing about them not by thinking about them.

Since these are thoughts in progress it’s important to note that these are not beliefs nor any representation of one’s values. These are purely ideas evolving in real-time as they progress from fleeting thoughts to useful concepts.

When sharing thoughts in progress there needs to be an unspoken-yet-mutually-accepted agreement between the reader and writer. Respectful discourse is encouraged but aggression without prior discussion is unwarranted. All words and ideas are subject to change at any time.

One benefit of sharing ideas publicly is the opportunity to collaborate on ideas with people from around the world, which only leads to even more new perspectives to help refine and improve ideas. Over time you’ll refine ideas over time and discover you’ve built a build a body of work that is unique to you.

All of this is foundational to help you learn in public.

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