evolution of the ecosystem

This note is a quick overview of how I got to my digital ecosystem after documenting what I need in a digital workspace.

Originally, Ulysses was for long form writing, Bear was for notes, and Things was for tasks.

Then I learned about how Tools for managing information overload and improving how we think are on the rise and have been experimenting with all the newcomers to the space.

After much experimentation, I’m temporarily committed to Craft and Things.

Craft is my workspace now and is hopefully replacing most apps, but it’s too new to me to commit.

In late 2020, I started experimenting with Roam Research to see how it might fit with my brain. I was stunned. Immediately I saw the potential of this brilliantly simple-yet-powerful piece of software.

Since then it has increasingly become my go to system for everything related to research, learning, thinking, and managing knowledge. It holds tasks, ideas, and reading materials, though I do not rely on it. Things is for getting shit done and that isn’t changing right now.

What has changed is my usage of Roam. Now, Roam is for collecting the internet and nothing else.

I’d like to write more about my experiences with Roam in the future, but for now I moved away from Bear because once I discovered backlinking and unlinked references, I immediately saw new potential. These reasons and more are Why I like Roam over Bear for improving my thinking.

Originally I thought Bear is for networked thinking, but when I started Tinkering with Roam Research, I quickly saw how it might actually end up replacing most of the stack above.

Now, my digital ecosystem is focused on two apps to handle 90% of my work: Craft and Things.

Others come in from time to time, as A knowledge worker’s toolkit needs to be well-rounded, but I’ve been working to simplify, so here we are.

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