Drafts is for immediate note capture

When an idea pops up—whether a task, a reminder, or something more expansive—Drafts is the app that gets opened on mobile to quickly capture thoughts.

This note is part of a small series highlighting my digital ecosystem.

Every piece of writing starts in Drafts

Whether a note to myself, an email to be composed, or something to remind myself later, it all starts in Drafts.

Instead of having a thought and then thinking “where do I want to put this?”—and then having to think about what app to open, the only concern is immediately capturing the thought. BAM. done.

Once words are on the digital page, then a note can be processed and moved to the next part of the system.

When you Take notes in your own words while reading, watching, and thinking, you’ll find that your Drafts inbox is never empty—which means it’s important to process notes on a regular basis!

Drafts is also where works in progress take place

What might start as an incomplete thought eventually become something more concrete.

Sparks get processed and turned into tweets, digital garden seedlings, or longer-form essays.

When an idea or note becomes completed—a temporary state, due to the ever-evolving nature of tending the garden—it’s moved through my digital ecosystem and into the digital systen.

Drafts is where everything starts.

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