Notion is my workspace

Notion is my private, messy workspace full of diverse content and context. It’s kind of like my office environment + desk space + digital brain ( #on/pkm ), as opposed to a polished presentation or creation. It’s for everything from idea capture to works in progress to collaborative planning docs and more.

As my Global Inbox for processing links, thoughts, and ideas, Notion has carved out space as the information management component of my second brain. Almost everything goes through Notion at some point, as it’s where I capture websites and resources to explore, make notes on, and file away for future use.

Other tools that support my digital ecosystem

Things is for getting shit done because it’s that damn good at what it does: task and project management, and only task and project management. I don’t collect knowledge and information in Things—just tasks, deliverables, and dates. Notion, on the otherhand, touches almost everything.

Drafts is for immediate note capture, which includes fleeting notes and ideas as well as longer-form idea capture. If I have a thought to write down, it goes into Drafts. From there, I route the item to its appropriate tool, be it Notion, Things, or occasionally, Obsidian, for the next phase of processing.

Obsidian is for building my body of work, which is more polished and used for this digital garden. While I debated between the two tools for a long time, I settled on Notion because it meets almost all my needs for my digital ecosystem.

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