what I need in a digital workspace

I want somewhere to be My Workspace™, and I want that somewhere to have what I consider critical capabilities for me:

  • Bidirectional links
  • Block references
  • Fast search
  • Fast sync
  • Seamless mobile experience
  • Private, Secure, Offline
  • Daily Notes *
  • Unlinked references *
  • Hotkeys
  • Easy export
  • Deeplinks
  • Easy “processing notes” workflow
  • Easy selection and rearrangement of blocks

* Asterisk represents the capabilities Craft does not have. See below for more detail.

Nice to haves

  • Collaborative features: comments, easy sharing, multiplayer
  • Tags *
  • Pretty interface and delightful UX

To meet the needs above I rely on my digital ecosystem, with most of my work being handled by a few specialized tools:

It’s been a fascinating evolution of the ecosystem and I’ve learned so much about new tools, including how Tools for managing information overload and improving how we think are on the rise.

I do believe A knowledge worker’s toolkit needs to be well-rounded, but tools can also be distracting so it’s a fine line to tow. Hopefully I can settle in to my new system and really build a body of work.

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