It feels like there’s a new internet being built with the principle of the early days—sharing and connecting knowledge—but with the wisdom of today, accumulated over decades of improving technology’s capabilities

An internet where people are exploring their curiosity and expressing their ideas before they’re polished, finished, and ready for Mainstream Internet™.

Where people are receptive to comments and feedback, excited by public discourse, and respectful of people as humans.

Created to share ideas with the world as a beacon for people with similar interests and world views but also totally different perspectives and experiences.

Built within a community of people with shared interests in learning, creating, and browsing the slow web.

I have been watching a new, loose-knit and diverse community come into existence — one that aspires to be selflessly hyper-connected and striving to be fully inclusive and output-oriented.

This community has inspired me to learn in public and Share ideas before they’re ready because public notes build authority and trust.

It has also led me to notice a trend that absolutely fascinates me: Tools for managing information overload and improving how we think are on the rise.

We’ve experienced so much capitalist-driven growth of the internet over the past two decades that we’re starting to see a pullback to a simpler, less growth-oriented internet. One where it’s not about scaling and growing numbers but instead expressing your individual ideas and building off the ideas of others, all while crediting each other, backlinking to one another, and focusing on building relationships and community instead of increasing vanity metrics like page views and clicks.

Similarly to a reinvention of the when, When you have the world of information available at your fingertips, traditional models of education are rendered obsolete.

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